Keeping Every Room Comfortable

Bryant Home ZoningAlmost every home has problems keeping consistent temperatures throughout the building. Upstairs rooms tend to be hotter; rooms with higher ceilings stay cold longer, and sections that get full sunshine are warmer than those in shade all day.

Zoning improves whole-house comfort by helping homeowners automatically target where their heat or A/C ends up.

System zoning uses multiple sensors and/or thermostats to monitor the temperature in each space of the house. As temperatures rise and fall, they open and close dampers to keep things even.

They’re also a great tool for saving energy and money. Settings can be changed for rooms that aren’t often occupied (guest bedrooms, storage spaces) or don’t get used during certain times of the day or night (bedrooms, offices). According to the U.S. Department of Energy, system zoning can save homeowners up to 30 percent on the average heating/cooling bill.

It’s easiest to install zoning when putting in a new HVAC system altogether, but older homes and systems can be retrofitted. This work takes more time and expertise to avoid major damage to the system during installation or usage.

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