Home Humidity: The Right Balance Is Critical

Home Humidity: The Right Balance Is Critical

humidifierThe best indoor relative humidity is 45% to 55%. Too much moisture, and you can get runaway rot and mold growth. Too little, and discomfort and respiratory problems can crop up. How to achieve the right balance?

If your home is too dry, installing a whole-house humidifier can help, as can individual units for arid “hot spots.”

If your home humidity levels are consistently high, do some investigating. Make sure structural factors aren’t to blame:

  • All vents, including bathroom, range top, and clothes dryer, should vent to the outside. Otherwise, the concentrated humidity will just circulate throughout the house. Have your air ducts inspected to see if they are due for a cleaning.
  • Check the exterior. Weatherstripping, caulking, roofing, and your foundation should be inspected for areas where moisture could creep in. Assure that downspouts are on an incline, carrying water away from the house.
  • Crawlspaces and basements are notorious for collecting and creating moisture. Crawl spaces require vinyl sheeting to block moisture. Sump pumps or french drains are a necessity if there’s ever water pooling in the basement.

Whether your home humidity levels are high or low, it is critical that your HVAC system runs properly. Have your AC and furnace serviced annually. There are also ways to augment your system to monitor and regulate moisture levels, keeping them within that 45-55% “sweet spot.”

We offer comprehensive indoor air monitoring, which measures pollutants and carbon monoxide as well as moisture. Once completed, our advisors can offer options for getting control of your home humidity. This will extend the life of your home, save on energy bills, and increase your family’s comfort and health.

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