How to Keep Your Furnace Running When Temperatures Drop

Your Furnace and freezing temperaturesYour Furnace and Freezing Temperatures

Have you been struggling to stay warm in these below freezing temperatures the past couple of weeks? If you kept up with regular furnace inspection before the weather froze up, then your system shouldn’t be giving you too much headache. However, if you forgot to schedule an inspection, there are many likely reasons as to why your system is not running optimally. The following is a list of potential problems your furnace may experience, and what you can do to fix these problems.

Problem: A dirty filter/restricted air flow. Clogged furnace filters are the most common reason furnaces have trouble running. Dust and dirt will build up around the furnace’s heat exchanger and cause the exchanger to overheat. Once the heat exchanger overheats, it will shut off. This leaves the furnace blowing air without heat. 

Solution: Remove and replace the air filter. Flat filters should be replaced every month in order to increase the efficiency of a furnace and expand its life. Pleated filters do not need to be exchanged for about three months. Inspect your furnace filter more frequently than usual if you have children and pets because they tend to create more dust.

Problem: Setting the thermostat back. It is normal to set the thermostat back during the night or while you are out. If you turn the thermostat down during extreme cold, it will struggle to reach back up to the set point when you turn it up.

Solution: Keep your thermostat set at a consistent temperature when temperatures drop, so that the furnace doesn’t have a hard time catching up. It should continuously run between 68-70 °F so that the furnace keeps your house warm.

 Problem: An overloaded circuit breaker or blown fuse. Heating professionals often find that the only real problem with your furnace is that it’s not turned on. Save some money and investigate your energy sources first.

Solution: If the switch to the furnace is already on, you’ll need to check your circuit breaker or fuse panel. Determine why the circuit breaker tripped or what blew the fuse panel. Circuit breakers require resetting, while fuses require replacement. These problems are minor, but will hinder your furnace from producing heat.

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