How to Keep Your HVAC Unit Safe from Storms

Keeping Your HVAC System Safe from Storms

We hate to see a good HVAC unit damaged by stormy weather. Keep your investment safe and in top condition by following these tips:

1. Flooding

Basement floods are a major cause of HVAC system problems. Protect your equipment by installing a sump pump to automatically detect and remove water. Both indoor and outdoor units can benefit from being installed on a raised surface, above the height of potential floodwaters.

hvac safe from storms2. Wind and hail damage

It would take a pretty strong gust of wind to harm an outdoor unit, which weighs 100 pounds or more. But blowing debris can take a toll, as can hail. If a windstorm is predicted, we recommend placing hail guards or heavy canvas covers over the equipment until the bad weather is past. In addition, keep outdoor spaces clear of unsecured furniture, equipment, toys, and yard debris, so they don’t fly into the unit during the storm.

3. Lightning

An HVAC unit doesn’t have to be directly struck by lightning to be affected by this weather danger! A power surge from a nearby hit can ruin your entire HVAC system. Specialized surge protectors and whole-house suppressors are available to protect major equipment like this – ask us for details.

4. Snow

Don’t panic when you see your outdoor unit buried in the white stuff. They’re built for winter weather! Just turn off the power to your air conditioner once temperatures stay consistently below 55 degrees, then protect against falling icicles by using an HVAC-specific cover or securing a piece of plywood over the top of the unit.

Don’t use a tarp or any other “protection” that completely covers the unit. That can cause moisture to build up inside the condenser while attracting animals. At least a foot of space is needed around the bottom to allow the unit to breathe.

Worst-Case Scenario

If your equipment does end up damaged by inclement weather or flooding, call us rather than risk injury or further damage. We can help find the most affordable, effective way to deal with the problem and make sure your house stays comfortable for years to come.

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