Common Quick Fixes to Air Conditioner Problems

Quick Fixes for Air Conditioner Problems

Air ConditionerHaving an air conditioner problem? We’d love to come by and see you, but here’s a few things you can check before giving us a call.

Is the indoor return air filter clean?

Filters need to be changed monthly when a system is in use, not only to help keep your indoor air clean of allergens, mold and dust, but to keep your HVAC system healthy. A clogged filter can damage equipment and shut down your air flow.

Is there anything blocking the vents?

For outside units, we’ve found leaves and grass clippings, nests, children’s toys, tarps and garden supplies, potted plants and more preventing adequate air intake. Indoors? Toys, clothing, furniture, and pets on top of or in front of the vents are the usual culprits.

Check the thermostat.

Common thermostat issues include the switch having moved from “Cool” to “Heat,” problems with how the temperature was set, and batteries running out.

Check the switches.

These include the outside disconnect switch, the switch on the side of the furnace, and the electrical breakers for both the furnace and the air conditioner. Why the furnace? Air conditioners use the furnace’s blower to circulate cooler air through your home or business.

Pro tip: Keep your furnace blower set to “ON” instead of “Auto” on your thermostat. This helps eliminate hot and cold spots by mixing the air inside the building.

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