5 Tips for Energy-Efficiently Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

Staying Cool in the Summer

Summer Air ConditioningSummer has been in full effect for a couple of weeks now, has your air conditioner been too?

Hopefully your cooling system is one that is energy-efficient, and you are constantly keeping tabs on the temperature level in your home. Remember, owning a bigger air conditioner is not guaranteed to make you feel more comfortable during the summer. A unit that is properly sized to cool your home will be the most energy-efficient.

If you’re unhappy with your electricity bill and want to use less of your air conditioner while it’s warm outside, then try doing the following to keep cool and save energy:

1. Close Shades and Windows

Keep immediate sunlight out of your home by closing shades, blinds, and curtains. Be sure to use light fabrics  over your windows, as this will allow light air movement to be felt in the home.

2. Emit Unnecessary Heat

Turn off lights during the day, especially in rooms you aren’t using. In addition, avoid placing appliances that give off heat near the thermostat, such as lamps and TVs.

3. Conserve Refrigerator Energy

Be quick when you use your refrigerator, as this cool appliance consumes a lot of energy. Opening this occasionally is better than opening it frequently. The fewer trips you take to the refrigerator, the more energy you save!

4. Avoid Excessive Cooling

Do not turn your thermostat down to far below normal temperatures. The closer the temperature of the inside your home is to the outside of your home, the more energy you’ll save. Make sure that the temperature you keep your home at is comfortable, but not too cool.

5. Install Whole-House Fans

These do not consume as much energy as air conditioners, so you can use them as an alternative cooling system.  Whole-house fans pull air from open windows and exhaust it through the attic and roof. They are installed on the ceiling between the attic and living space, and overall, provide good ventilation for your home.

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