Do you have your thermostat in the right room?

Do You Have Your Thermostat in the Right Room?

thermostat roomHave you ever thought about where your thermostat has been installed in your home? The placement of your thermostat will ultimately affect the accuracy of its readings. There is a chance that the contractor who initially set up your thermostat haphazardly placed it. There is logic behind thermostat positioning, and temperature regulation in your home is crucial year round. The only way to be energy efficient and to save money is to choose a location where it will be the most accurate. The following are variables to consider when choosing the best location for your thermostat.

Getting A “Real Feel” Reading

The purpose of your thermostat is to provide you with the actual temperature of the entire house. In order to achieve this, avoid placing your thermostat above air vents. If the air from the vent is hitting your thermostat, the thermostat will read the temperature of the hitting air. You will also get false or “ghost” readings if your thermostat is placed in direct sunlight. The thermostat will read that the room is warmer than it actually is. Any element that affects the readings of your thermostat will cause your heating and cooling to turn on or work harder, and ultimately waste energy.

Specific Areas To Avoid

  • Kitchens – Since appliances like the stove and the oven heat up regularly, a thermostat is not wise to place in the kitchen. The air conditioner will turn on any time you are cooking.
  • Hallways – Hallways are narrow, so the air temperature passing through is not an accurate reading of the house temperature. You want your thermostat in or near the room that people spend the most time in because that room will have the most accurate reading.
  • Doors and Windows – Thermostats should not be placed near doors or windows, where it would be exposed to more outside air than the rest of the house.

Best Areas for Efficiency

  • Interior walls – The thermostat should be away from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights, and windows. Interior walls towards the center of your home will provide the most accurate readings. Additionally, your thermostat should be conveniently located for programming.

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